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California hires Eric Holder to Fight Trump Over Immigration issues.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has been hire by the California legislature to represent the state in its expected fights with the Trump administration over immigration and criminal justice issues.

But given these 2 factors 

  • the circumstances 
  • And Holder’s track record.

I wouldn’t be too worried about Trump taking a loss against California. Dont get me wrong nobody is questioning the skills of the attorneys at Holder’s firm Covington and Burling, but hiring Holder as California’s outside counsel seems a bit odd being that the Justice Department under Holder has one of the worst records and has lost more cases than the Justice Departments under the Bush and Clinton presidencies combined.

Holder is also the only attorney general in history to be held in contempt by Congress for withholding documents related to Operation Fast and Furious, 

the most reckless law enforcement operation ever conducted by the Justice Department whereas The ATF intentionally allowed licensed Gun sellers to sell over 2,000 Automatic weapons to illegal buyers in hopes of tracing them back to Mexican Drug Cartels. The failed operation resulted in the death of 150 Mexican citizens and the death of U.S. border patrol agent, Brian Terry.California is preparing to do what other states like Texas have done in the past by successfully suing the federal government during the Obama administration. But these 2 topics are very distinct issues. The states that sued Obama were suing to stop the unconstitutional conduct by the executive branch when Barack Obama failed in his duty to “faithfully execute” the law or acted unilaterally in ways that improperly changed the law. In laymens terms The president does not have the authority to change, rewrite, or ignore federal laws just because he doesn’t like them.

Stopping Obamas misbehavior is completely different from trying to obstruct enforcement of already existing federal immigration laws. California is also relying on the fact that 26 states successfully obtained an injunction against President Barack Obama’s immigration amnesty plan
But what they’re failing to realize is that it was due to the fact that no president has the power to alter federal immigration law to provide amnesty, plus government benefits that have not been authorized by Congress or to decide that he will not enforce the law.
But California is going to try to prevent the new administration from enforcing federal immigration law despite the fact that the Constitution clearly gives Congress authority over immigration and imposes a duty on the president (as well as the executive branch) to enforce the law.

the fact California legislature is hiring eric holder shows a complete lack of confidence in Becerra’s legal ability to carry out his role as attorney general

Lets keep in mind that it was Obamas administration who gave 9 million tax payer dollars to lawyers to defend illegals in California while eric holder refused to enforce immigration laws in his Justice Department

Conclusively why would California Hire Eric holder? Well what better race baiter than the man who spent his time as Attorney General persecuting Police officers and creating havens for thugs under the pretext of civil rights violations and being held in contempt for protecting Obamas secrets. 

But once law prevails The only thing California is going to get out of all this are some very High bills from the prestigious and very pricy Covington and Burling which will ultimately end up being the burden of the true victims in all this, The American Tax Payer – SFA