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Support The Economic Terrorism Bill

The Economic Terrorism Bill was first proposed by Republican senator Doug Erickson which would make it a felony to participate in what is classified as Economic Terrorism. 

(We need 100,000 signatures to Make America Safe Again)

the bill would allow felony prosecution of people involved in protests that block transportation and commerce, damage property, threaten jobs and put public safety at risk as well as hold the organizers criminally responsible and financially liable.

As many of us know George Soro’s “Open Door Society” along with The Ford Foundation Have Given hundreds of Millions of Dollars to groups such BLMF (Black Led Movement Fund) who then use this wealth to fund an umbrella of Race Baiting SJW made up of 50 other groups such as “Black Lives Matter”, Ferguson protest, Hands up Don’t shoot, “Love Trumps Hate” the anti trump group that uses this slogan to violently attack those of opposing views, Etc.

If you understand that this bill is about protecting the rights of American Citizens to vote and support the candidate of their choice without fear for ones physical well being feel free to sign a petition created through the White house petition site 

Click Link Below.. 

With thousands of page views signatures are not being counted unless you verify you’ve signed once you receive the Email. Thank you 



Pippa Bacca &The Religion Of Peace.

Giuseppina Pasqualino di Marineo known as Pippa Bacca, was an Italian artist who hitchhiked from Milan to the Middle East in a Wedding dress to promote Islam as a religion of peace 

Pippa Bacca was an advocate of Open border policies and as a way of promoting peace and embracing cultural differences decided she’d travel to Turkey a country with a 98% Muslim population. 

She Arrived in Gebze, Turkey March 31st of 2008, she later went missing within 24 hours of arriving. 11 days later Her raped murdered body was discovered in the same city she went missing.


The police arrested Murat Karataş a man who had placed his SIM card into Bacca’s phone and later led them to her body.

Murat Karataş was arrested after reportedly confessing to raping and strangling Bacca on March 31st after taking her in his Jeep from a gas station. DNA testing suggests, however, that Bacca was raped by more than 8 men 
No other Arrest were made..